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Thomas Wooster

Junior Programmer
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Legion Fall

“Legion Fall” is a 3rd person, PC, historical fantasy game, where the player fights barbarians while exploring a mysterious valley to find the Legion’s lost messenger.

This project went from 4th of July 2019 till 28th of November 2019. This time period cover all the way from pre-production to industry pitch to the finished product 4 months later.

There where seven people working on this project,

Saxon Hutchinson - Designer

Sarah Staley - Artist

RJ O'Sullivan - Artist

Robert Dickson - Artist

Aron Lalor - Artist

Chris O'Neill - Artist

And Myself Thomas Wooster - Programmer

During this project I worked in both c++ and blueprints with the majority of my time spent on the blueprints side.

Gameplay video to go here

Work Experience

Silversun Pictures

My time at Silversun was spent on the R&D phase of the Escape From project. 


Phone: 0499 282 223


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