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Legion Fall


Early on in the project I was figuring out how to use c++ with ue4. I managed to get the base classes for our weapon system in, as seen in the image on the right. I did not create the base classes for our characters in c++ because we where using the Advanced Locomotion V3 for our character as it gave us base motion and animation, along with systems to handle and add blended animations and moving. We used this plug in because we where lacking animation artists.

C++ coding in UE4 1.PNG


Here is an example of my blueprints work. This is a version of the enemy's weapon from about the middle of development, right as I have added the system seen in the middle execute line. this is supposed to close the gate stopping the weapon from doing more damage if it has hit a shield, and the gate is opened again on a timer. The final iteration of this has the weapon close the gate once it has dealt damage and stopping it from hitting the player again in that attack.

Player Character

In the player character I created the functions as well as the inventory and defensive systems

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